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Some of our Accomplishments

Feature Film Support and Equipment Provision

Productions Services and Systems is proud to have contributed technical crew support and equipment for a diverse range of feature films. Some of our notable collaborations include:

  • Dark My Light Film: Winnie Peg Productions
  • Lady of the Manor: Digital Caviar
  • Random Tropical Paradise: Digital Caviar
  • The Accident: Zorya Films
  • Stressed to Kill: 120 over 80, LLC
  • Loren Cass: With Jonesing Pictures
  • Cop and a Half: Directed by Henry Winkler, Universal Pictures
  • Wilder than Napalm: Directed by Glenn Gordon Caron
  • China Moon: Orion Pictures
  • Parenthood: At Universal Studios
  • Edward Scissorhands: With 20th Century Fox
  • Cocoon: Directed by Ron Howard

Our extensive experience and dedication to excellence make us a reliable partner for feature film productions, ensuring high-quality support and equipment for each project.

Television and Major Sporting Events

Productions Services and Systems has a proven track record of providing top-tier support and equipment for a wide range of television shows and major sporting events. Some of our prominent projects include:

  • Finding Your Roots: PBS
  • The Wildlife Docs: Natural 9 Entertainment
  • Total Divas: Oxnard Cats Entertainment
  • Busch Gardens, Seaworld World Theme Parks: Spectrum/Mindclay
  • Over 5 Super Bowls: Including two in Tampa and three out of area, with clients such as ESPN, Fox Sports Net, NFL Films, CBS, and CNN (Turner Broadcasting). We supplied complete equipment rentals, expendables, and the best lighting personnel, including gaffers, grips, and riggers.
  • Promotional Spring Training for the Toronto Blue Jays: Rogers Sports Net and Super Human Images
  • Local Spring Training Promotions and Games: Tampa Bay Rays Baseball
  • New York Yankees Promos: Yes Network
  • Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey: DXD Productions
  • Titleist Golf and Callaway Golf

Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that every project, whether a television show or a major sporting event, receives the highest quality support and equipment.

National and Local Television Commercials, Infomercials, and Promotional Videos

Productions Services and Systems has a rich history of providing equipment and support for a diverse array of national and local television commercials, infomercials, and promotional videos. Our esteemed clients include:

  • McDonald’s, with Steve Horn Productions, New York
  • Chris Craft Boats
  • Reebok
  • Nike
  • Sony
  • Buick
  • Apple Computer
  • US Army
  • NBC, Meet the Press, Tim Russert
  • Wheel of Fortune in Orlando, with Quadra Productions
  • Larry King Live, with CNN (Turner Broadcasting)
  • U.S. Pentagon
  • Department of Defense (Congressional Budget Office)
  • Department of Homeland Security (Training films), St. Pete College
  • Over 100 Presidential, Congressional, and Gubernatorial Campaigns

Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us a trusted partner for high-profile projects across various industries.

Media Production Support for Renowned Brands and Campaigns

Productions Services and Systems has been instrumental in supporting a variety of high-profile national and local television commercials, infomercials, and promotional videos. Our diverse portfolio includes:

  • Publix Supermarkets: National and holiday promotional spots
  • Sea World in Orlando, FL and Busch Gardens and Adventure Island: Local theme park promotional television advertising, with Spectrum Productions in Tampa
  • Kanes Furniture and Eckerd Drug Stores: Collaborations with Jay Gross Studios
  • Jack Hanna Adventures: With Spectrum Productions
  • Tampa Tribune Newspaper, Tampa Theater, and Lazy Days RVs: Projects for Grown Man Films Inc., in Tampa
  • Numerous Projects and Public Service Campaigns: With Costa Creative and Z Films, LLC (Stan Kozma)
  • Numerous National Television Spots, Promotional Videos, and Infomercials: With Bramm Films, Inc., in Tampa

Our commitment to excellence extends to many other notable companies and their projects, making us a trusted partner in the media production industry.

Support and Equipment for Public Service Providers and Television Stations

In addition to our extensive range of grip gear and special effects equipment, Productions Services and Systems has proudly provided support and equipment to numerous public service providers and local television stations. Our notable collaborations include the American Cancer Society, Moffitt Center, and the Tampa ADDY Awards.

We have also supported various local television stations and studios, including:

  • WFTS Channel 28 and their affiliates
  • WEDU Studios Channel 3
  • WUSF Studios Channel 16
  • WTSP Channel 10 and their affiliates
  • WFLA, Local

Beyond our local reach, we have extended our services to esteemed television stations and networks nationwide, such as WBFF/WNUV Fox Television Baltimore, NBC, CBS, ABC, CMT, The BBC, The Discovery Channel, and Fox Television.

And many more notable television stations and studios throughout the United States.

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