Production Services and Systems, Inc

Terms and Conditions

1. Payment terms – net C.O.D. except where otherwise required or agreed by Production Services & Systems.
2. Maximum legal interest will be added monthly to unpaid balances.
3. P.S.S reserves the right to refuse credit to anyone without P.S.S. approved credit.
4. P.S.S. is in no way responsible for any liability, claims, costs or expenses arising out of the use or possession of any equipment it provides. P.S.S.’s equipment is offered for inspection and test at time of rental. Any problems with equipment while out on rental should be reported immediately to P.S.S.
5. All rentals and sales are subject to the terms and conditions of business as they appear on the present P.S.S. rental contract.

Out of Country Rentals

Equipment must not be taken out of the Continental U.S.A. without prior permission in writing from an authorized official of P.S.S. If equipment is permitted by P.S.S. to be taken out of the Continental U.S.A., customers are responsible for registering with U.S. and Foreign customs. No rental allowance will be made for time lost due to improper documentation, impounding or delays of equipment by customs for any reason.


Customers shall compensate P.S.S. for any loss it may sustain as a result of customers canceling all or part of an order.


Customers must provide by copy documentation, in advance of rental, evidence of having insurance which would be adequate to cover replacement and/or repair of any and all items rented whether damage and/or loss would occur during shipment by common carriers or while in customers possession or at any time during the period equipment is out of P.S.S’s premises. P.S.S. must be named as additionally insured/loss payee. Contractual liability insurance must also be provided.


Applicable state and local taxes are additional to prices for rental, purchase and other taxable items.

Lost/Damaged Items and Clean Up Charges

Reasonable and appropriate clean-up charges will be incurred by customers who return equipment in non-rentable condition.
Lost and/or damaged equipment is reported to customers as soon as possible and appropriate charges follow. Any items returned late are charged for until returned and damaged equipment continues to incur rental charges until replacement parts are obtained and repairs completed.


Rental prices do not include transportation. P.S.S. cannot be responsible for the performance of common carriers and accordingly, cannot guarantee on-time delivery or return of equipment. Therefore, equipment remains on rental until physically returned to and received at P.S.S.’s premises. Shipments should be shipped “hold” for P.S.S. pickup and P.S.S. must be notified of shipping information to facilitate and expedite equipment returns. In this regard, customers should obtain and retain the name of the P.S.S. representative notified.


P.S.S. distributes most expendable supplies used in the industry.


Rates are subject to change without notice. Today’s prices fluctuate rapidly. P.S.S makes every effort to notify regular customers of price change. Rental also subject to terms as specified on the latest P.S.S. Equipment Rental Forms. (Terms in effect as of the date of this catalog are detailed hereunder but subject to change without notice.)

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